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by Marz Ferrer feat. Elhae

Never meant to do u wrong
Never meant to cause u harm
Our timing was off
So we ran n took a chance
Blood on the leaves
Yet we stand
In this moment
Flowers from the days u loved Flowers from the days
It's alright when recognize me
It's alright if u call me nameless
It's alright when you deny me
It's alright if you stand there blameless
Ooooo ahhhh
Wearing nothing but loneliness
Wishing there was more but we're hopeless
Silence /suffocates the air
When we're together u were never there
Act like ya care
Not knowing where the wind blows where we flow like
we just stare into
space go your way
All this pain this is in vain
I'll find a way to maintain yea
This love that we have is bigger than me
Bigger than what they can see
Give them a reason that they can believe
Cause sometimes I feel Like I can be all alone
No one can take me up out of that zone but you
In a world of lies I can consider you my truth
My dark, my light, my wrong, my rights, my sword, my
shield all through this fight
I need to know that you'll be there in my thoughts when
I can't sleep at night
It's crazy I can't think about nothing else lately
Going up out of mind just waiting for a love that's short
of amazing
Forget what they say I'm trying to get back
Back to the love that I knew that we have
I don't care much about what's in the past
I know that your holding my life in your hands
I'm trying to be better and better
My efforts I did it for youI'm just trying to keep the faith
That's the only thing I can do

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