Masada Lyrics

[Main Flo]

I had to stay minal, when DEA stopped my gray rental

Incidental, my girl home watchin Jay Leno

Prophecize, I pulled the wise

Wit frame eyes for disguise, talkin like them white guys
Shallow demeanor, karma was the main schemer

What could be greener, when all I thought about was Beemers

Then came the questioning

Arrestin me was steppin rare

Askin permission so he could say he kept it fair

Fake mustaches and hundred yard dashes

Through lake molasses because my government's so facist

Don't choose to ass-kiss dolo spots

I did the massacus on all areas, harassless

Don't wanna do enough confront a cew

That night I got two, went to sleep, woke up wit guns drew

No time for cryin cowards

Too late for fire power

Karma convinced me to leave him at his dying hour

[Chorus] 2x

Now leading back to that night

Reality strikes

Them unknown faces are the casualty types


When you watch yo' nigga rise and disguise

You despise cuz I built an enterprise

While you still livin lies

And I'm all you wanna be, but that's all you gonna be

Get your long path and yo' ass from in front of me

Niggas thought you had my back and you was stealin out my pack

When other niggas try to tell me "I wasn't even feelin that"

That's my ace, that nigga got keys to my place

And he know about the cash, stashed G's in the safe

Wait, no time to waste when best friends player-hate

Relocate, can't sleep, now I gotta stay awake

And take a still break, cuz I be dealin wit this ill fate

When niggas be fake, infiltrate and try to and steal weight

"The way I vex, will cause an insane karma" [Del] 2x

[Main Flo]

All up on the humble

Fuckin wit fake niggas that know I bubble

Precise juggle, cuz life is my type of struggle

Seven-fifty IL's, and tales of fly females

Who caught in these sales wit live details

Shades by Cartier, and big links that hardly play

It could be Auste, let's do this in a large way

I wanna see the Amazon basing

To set out to gather my thoughts into a calm basement


Man ain't nuttin change, niggas don't know what they facin

Already steady pacin, they seeds to be replacements

We ain't the felon type

Or into sellin white

Cuz everything money bring, children of the malonites

I'm Bob's song, provin Ja live, not gone

To pay a devil on a loan, got to rob yo' own

No love wit no peace, gave life to the beast

As the defecit increase, Exodus outta Greece

This note is legal tender, depths connect, render

Evil spender, people mentors resurrect to evil vendor now

Chorus 2x

"The way I vex will cause an insane karma" 4x

Contributed by Isaiah O. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Michael Skasick

I am convinced that if Miles Davis was still with us, he would absolutely love John Zorn's take on jazz.

Salt Spring Design

great percussionist, he brings out a lot of toys for the intro and i love that, especially the tube thing that he whizzes around. Love Marc Ribot's guitar work also, he's one of my top 10 fav guitarists. Interesting to note that Fred Frith played bass on Naked City; he's a fearlessly innovative guitarist. That was the first John Zorn i ever heard and it blew my mind with it's schitzo composition and playful intensity. Thx for posting this Sarah!


The Zorn Approach: Multitasking as an artform...
He blew his first notes. And the audience went wild!
This is too amazing...
Thanks for posting!!! 🎷💛

Leonel Mendrix

Joey Baron always smiling and having fun! Ribot is only. What a great concert!!

Louise F.

I saw Jamie Saft when he was clean-shaven...many moons ago! John Zorn has never backed away from making the very best new music. Joey Baron chuckling through intro... Marc Ribot, world's most awesome guitarist... This is beautiful, and I am so damned happy to have found it. Love the sound of Zorn!!

Daveen Peterus

Zorn is quite possibly the most creative person in modern history.


His elastic skin

Iury Colares

Mágico! Místico! Misterioso!

Hossein G.

This guy is a true genius

Esteban Fraga Cervantes

Cuando se reunen a sentir lo que tocan .......y no tocar por tocar ......más alla del avantgarde.......lo atemporal , bien por subir el video

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