Massive Attack Lyrics

You are my angel
Come from way above to bring me love
Her eyes, she's on the dark side
Neutralize every man in sight

To love you, love you, love you

You are my angel
Come from way above
To love you, love you, love you

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Greg Hardigan

Some people are saying that this is about running away from/facing your fears.
I think it's actually about running away from yourself entirely.
Your true, full self.
When he turns around and recognizes what's happening,
the crowd mirrors him.
The crowd is him.
All of the things in his head.
His fears, talents, ambitions, faults, desires.
When he accepts them
All of them
He turns back to face the world
Fronted by an army.

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Rob Robinson737

The video is about running away from your fears, the longer you run away from them the greater they become until you reach to a point from where you can no longer run as if there is no land left for you to run on and there it is your greatest fears stood there right in front of you, and then you realize that these fears are just an illusion and that you confront them head on and then they are frighten of you at the moment you start chasing them.

Eleanor Rolph

@Christian Pyndt snap I used to suffer with the night terrors and I could never see there faces confronted them and there like pussycats now sweeeet xxx x lots a love

Christian Pyndt

When i was younger, i had dreams exactly like this.
Then one time, i turned around and confronted them.. They have been gone since.. 🌞

Eleanor Rolph

@Angela bless your heart darling stay safe xxxcx lotsa love

suflet rece

Remember who you are and have a good 2+0+2+1=5

suflet rece

@Neil Olsen thank you, next

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Owain Weekes

Over 20 years later this is still absolutely mint

Charles Barnes


Christian Pyndt


Bare Loots

One of the best tunes of all time.

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