The Sparrow
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Pursue happiness with diligence

Pursue happiness with diligence

Pursue happiness with diligence

Pursue happiness with diligence
Pursue happiness with diligence

Overall Meaning

The repetition of the phrase "Pursue happiness with diligence" in Mastodon's song The Sparrow is a reminder to stay focused on one's goals and aspirations, even in the face of adversity. It is a call to action to not give up, but to doggedly pursue what makes us happy. The sparrow in the song serves as a metaphor for resilience and determination, as it is a small and unassuming bird that perseveres through harsh conditions.

The song can also be interpreted as a commentary on the pressures of society to conform to a certain way of life and find happiness through material possessions or social status. The sparrow, being a wild and free creature, represents the value of individuality and the importance of finding happiness on one's own terms.

Line by Line Meaning

Pursue happiness with diligence
Strive for joy and contentment with unwavering effort

Pursue happiness with diligence
Continuously seek out moments of joy and fulfillment through persistent action

Pursue happiness with diligence
Chase after happiness with persistent dedication and hard work

Pursue happiness with diligence
Pursue the feeling of happiness with determination and attentive focus

Pursue happiness with diligence
Devote constant attention and effort towards achieving life's greatest joy and satisfaction

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Maarten Andries

And his technique is special.
Hybrid picking aka chicken picking
= combination of pick and fingers

He uses mostly (minor) pentatonic scales and bluesy / country licks
+ a lot of open strings
Lots of fast pull offs and hammer ons

Started as kid as a banjo player, which explains his fingerstyle technique

True genius

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Philosofer Stoned

Another masterpiece of Mastodon: melodic, deep, intense, sorrowful but also full of hope. Mastodon is currently the most creative and interesting metal band worldwide.

Philosofer Stoned

@billy bob I also appreciate Opeth and I could say that Crack the Skye is like Blackwater Park, an ultimate reference !

billy bob

I'm still an opeth guy myself, but crack the skye is fantastic, this album is really cool though too for sure


I just discovered today coming from work... I can't... This is beyond me

Clint Westwood

I concur friend, Mastodon is my favorite band.

Mason Mapes

Don’t forget about TOOL brotha lol. I love Mastodon and TOOL one and the same. They work in symbiosis within my life.


I just found this band yesterday. They are fulfilling all my musical needs. Amazing Band.


@start/end I agree


This makes me happy, I'm an older fan.

Jake Cassidy

Congrads !!!! Pendulous skin was like the first really metal sounding song i learned on guitar its like my warmup to play now lol deff check it out

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