Breaking your Fall
Mat McHugh Lyrics

Some days seem complicated, other days don't seem like nothing at all
And some times seem so unlikable,
love comes home knocking at your door
Breaking your fall
Heart's aching, and hands shaking, my broken bones won't sigh no more
It's alright now, it's in sight now,
it's true love I came here to live for
For breaking your fall
For breaking your fall
For breaking your fall

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Comments from YouTube:

Larry Workman

Chords are B, D#m, Abm, E. Use bar chords for all. Listen to song for strumming/plucking. Beautiful song Mat!

Extremely Stoked


Jens Jensen

Screw u!!, i wanted to be "FIRST!!" ^^ Nah, just kidding.... look at all this space we have :D

Ana Sendra


Isaac Alonzo

i like

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