Matt & Kim Lyrics

Fifteen years old, picking out the same old clothes
While these posters are wallpaper for those with the same goal
She'll try out on on the day after today
And she dreams of the 5k

The calendar's set stone
Now cracked in half

Dwyer said, you look talented to me
Join the team and get up at five with babes in briefs
Candy bars, metals, trophies and stressful days
Still she dreams, dreams of 5k

Dwyer asked, "Why did you give up on me?"
"I've got these dreams and no idea what I want to be"
Different place fast turn over has gone away
But still she dreams of 5k

The calendar was set in stone
Now cracked in half but not unknown
Records broke yesterday
If only there was still a 5k

Contributed by Muhammad Y. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


This is my favorite Matt & Kim song. But this specific version sounds a lot better than the album version. Idk I dig it. it sounds more raw and Matt's voice is more strained. I've been listening to this song for like 3 years holy shit

Mitch Radoll

LMK if you can find the self titled version. I think it's gone from the internet.


She's always smiling, I like that, specially the way she smiles at him.

Michelle Alzo

yo why Matt sound like that? 😂

Fuzzy Nova

. I played this song every single day when I found out about them in 2007. Saw them in a old record store with like 8 people jumping around with some opening band called King Tuff or something. I used to be these two's biggest fans for real. I had their t shirts and I fucking loved it. Better than mates of state for sure.
I talked to them once. Just once. Best day ever


Kim is always smiling when she plays! So much fun to watch :D

Alex Velasco

Kim used to be on a track team, I believe it's about her. I like his old vocals better.

William Mainaga

one of my favorite bands. i love the energy they give off. they're having fun and making a living doing it. fuck yeah.


is this original? yes indeed...



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