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by Matt Berry

"I pull back my skin and push forward with triumphant vigour.

If you wish to control your destiny, then you must pay the Devil.

Dare I be so bold as to take you on a personal journey?

Share my pain, my pleasure.

With me, experience the heady ecstasy of new love, as well as the aching torment of dark despair.

Feeding time at the zoo is upon us.

I have come to realise I am but already half way there.

Shall we enter?

Behind the line we are crouching motionless.

My blood now rushes through my veins like ground marble.

Like the colour of a Thames sunset, remember; all things digested have a similar hue.

So, without trepidation, I give to you: Opium.

I dream. I am a bird. Just flying, just flying

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