Divide and Conquer
Matt Caplan Lyrics

Something in the way the incense
Mingled with the smell of fear
Made me wonder if you even
Hear the same song that I hear

And whilst clumsily I fumbled o'er your body
I tried to make you feel it
And I tried to make you see it through my eyes
Thinking to myself, "She's so amazing"
When I couldn't help remembering
The last time I thought someone was amazing
And I'm searching for a higher power
And never even knowing that by searching I was losing half my mind
But now I know you
Now I know your war
You don't even answer
You don't even try
You don't even see that it's tearing up your mind
You don't even answer
But you don't need an army
You divide and conquer

Something in the way your body
Rose and fell with distant sighs
Made me wonder if you even
Sense the blindness in my eyes


Could it be I'm wrong
Can I be the man I need to be without your silent stare
And that sin in your smile
Oh, could it be I'm right
Should I swallow up the night and let the floodgates open wide
To reveal all I want
And reveal all I fear I am


You divide and conquer
And I am such a sucker
And look out now it's over

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Comments from YouTube:

Joyce Zaleski

I love this song -good job filming not shakey good quality


the tone deaf 12 year old REALLY bugs me...

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