Seven Seas
Matt Caplan Lyrics

I don't know where I am
I can't tell if I am really screaming
Or just dreaming
And I don't know who you are
All I know's I feel you there behind me
But you're never gonna find me cuz

Seven seas of tears and anger
I'm still around, and
Seven seas of sweet disaster,
I've yet to drowm

Even as the moon is commanding the tide
So will I cast all your empty offerings aside
Yeah you might leave the scar of your voice in my ears
Provided you can make them ring
Louder than I sing

I don't know why it is, everyone is always either
Coming or going
And I don't know what you want,
All I know's you might as well forget it
Cuz you're never gonna get it cuz


Even as the sun keeps his watch in the sky
So will I be conscious of the corner of my eye
Yeah you might burn a brand in my mind with your mouth
Provided you can ruin my day
Faster than I play

All these storms I've weathered mean nothing
If I don't keep my compass rose to north
If I don't drop my anchor to the bottom now and then
If I don't let the wind fill up my sails,
Then I'll never see the shore
And all the siren's wails are getting harder to ignore
Eee-oh-ooo. eee-oh-ooo

Seven seas of tears and anger
I stood my ground
But If I should drown in my ocean of pride
I'll send you a postcard when I reach the other side
Or maybe I'll come back to the sea just to say,
Right after I smile and wink,
"See you when you sink."

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