Matt Caplan Lyrics

Hold me closer now
Make believe I'm someone else
I can't hear, but I can listen to your lies
Show me beauty now
Make believe you look like you
I can't see but I can read between the lines

Wishing I was there
Wishing I could bite the hand that feeds me,
The shiver and the stare
Wishing I was there
Wishing I could hold the ground that spins around
And leaves me unaware
Just say you love me now,
I cannot afford to wait
I cannot afford to wither

Hit me harder now
Make believe my face is numb
I can't feel but I can sense you in the air
Now lean in farther now
Make believe you're unafraid
I can't speak but I can whisper in your ear


To deny your home is to deny me too
And I could start a religion with the things I don't do
To deny that faith is to deny the truth
It's not like you're scared anyhow


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