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A Billion Sorrys (HSMTMTS
Matt Cornett Lyrics

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A Billion Sorrys Before you go and make that face you make when…
Start of Something New This could be the start of somethin' new It feels so…

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Before you go and make that face when your mad at me
So mad at me
Let's just say it's not my place going through your voice mail
And your history
If this was a tv show you know id have to go and plead insanity
Cause the lying and spying and prying
Isn't really my personality
I'm an idiot for taking your phone!
This is my fault my bad
If I said a million sorrys how about a billion sorrys
you shine just like the stars
and I'm not even a nightlight I
Cause what I did wasn't so bright
I'm really sorry
(Starts talking regular)
Girl, (clears throat) girl.
You know I'm scared this would end
That's why I checked your dms
This has been so hard for me
To keep this a secret from you and our friends
But given the chance.
I would definitely do it again!
No wait that's not right.
I mean I wouldn't do it again.
(Back to singing)
This I my fault my bad.
If I said a million sorry
How about a billion sorry
Can we just start again
Once upon a a time i m sorry
Nothing else to rhyme with sorry
Not so great at saying sorry
Hope you know I'm really sorry.

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it's supposed to be a bad song choice, it's supposed to be a comical song so slow your horses and just laugh because this is brILLIANT

McThunder Gacha

ikr i hate it so much that i hear it in my head repeatedly that i kinda wont stop singing

*sips more tea*

Me over her thinking it's good 💀

Leah Stephens

Honestly for kid first song ever it's pretty good 😂

Yea no lol

néa lol yeah Ik that

Marvel Forrester

The funny thing is I actually like the song

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Sherlissa Ali

I feel like Matt Cornett isn’t getting enough love and everyone is focusing on Joshua😭😂


Ikr Matt is so so hot!

Ryan M.

@aljurrrrr llpp

Ryan M.

@Emilio Vilar bonvivant ajh

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