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It Is Over
Matt Lucca Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Conscious Box

Love this song!


Half of why I liked Rebelution was Matt's voice. In fact, I like Rebelution without Matt and I also like Matt's own stuff. He just has a wonderful voice.

Mathew Sanchez

Such an amazing Artist! Matt you really inspired me!!!! I give you so much credit and i follow you where ever music route you go to, wether it was with Rebelution to Drum Major to now!!!

Katrina Gibson

Love it. So much!


The lyrics really call to me. : ) It's amazingggg!!!! I hope you continue to write these awesomenessss <- even though thats not a word LOL

Hans Olo

Matt. Gotta get back at it with music similar to this.

Brandon Rogers

Rebelutions Heart like a lion really stood out to me and this is the leading singer of that song! it was weird hearing eric behind with small parts.

Jonathan Luneau

Realy good!

astro zombie

Yeah I'm no musical genius but this sounds like similar to what I know that is so cool how you flipped it made it something brand new . I can totally tell what you brought to the table in rebelution . They never sounded the same without you imo Matt and I think it's bs that Eric tries to erase your history with the band. Why did they take ordinary girl off courage to grow??? You should put out all your songs with them just to piss him off lol because those acoustics you uploaded are the best of heart like a lion , running , and what I know . I can only imagine what on my mind , courage to grow, or educated fools acoustic versions would sound like. Don't think I forgot about drum major instinct I love that song something to believe I also noticed how it sounded like rebelution from the window. I always wondered if you were suppose to be on that album brightside of life ?Would your song new love have been on brightside of life too ? Because there is an acoustic version with just you on it sounds magical and it has rebelution bright side of life in the cover art.

This new stuff sounds tremendous I sing along in my car the best I can wish I had your voice. Your the best though matt you went beyond them imo .

Matt Lucca

@astro zombie thanks Astro!! Pasadena is up there. Was thinking of redoing it but now public again.

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