As the World Caves In
Matt Maltese Lyrics

My feet are aching
And your back is pretty tired
And we've drunk a couple bottles, babe
And set our grief aside
The papers say it's doomsday
The button has been pressed
We're gonna nuke each other up, boys
'Til old Satan stands impressed

And here it is, our final night alive
And as the earth burns to the ground

Oh, girl, it's you that I lie with
As the atom bomb locks in
Oh, it's you I watch TV with
As the world, as the world caves in

You put your final suit on
I paint my fingernails
Oh, we're going out in style, babe
And everything's on sale
We creep up on extinction
I pull your arms right in
I weep and say, "Goodnight, love"
While my organs pack it in

And here it is, our final night alive
And as the earth burns to the ground

Oh, girl, it's you that I lie with
As the atom bomb locks in
Oh, it's you I watch TV with
As the world, as the world caves

Oh, it's you that I lie with
As the atom bomb locks in
Yes, it's you I welcome death with
As the world, as the world caves in

As the world caves in

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Written by: Matthew Jonathan Gordon Maltese

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honestly, i feel like this could be interpreted in any way. ultimately, it’s about a war happening that involved the nuclear bombs we and possibly some other countries have, killing thousands of people. or perhaps it’s related to 9-11.

for me, nothing has happened to me that is as tragic as that. instead, as a story writer (usually for myself or wattpad or my friends or smth), i tend to use songs for my OCS that involve smth that matches their personality, backstory aesthetic or it might be smth they’d listen to.

for this, the way i interpreted it was that my oc had a childhood best friend that he grew up with. one that he was terribly close with. they did everything together. but their favorite thing to do together was to just bask in each other’s presence, or, as he said, watch tv together. the little things were what they enjoyed so much. in the first chorus, my oc had almost bled out; essentially a s-icide attempt, or something along those lines, even if it wasn’t intended. but he was saved by his best friend, who had come just in time. then, everything was fine. until suddenly, my oc realized that they were starting to spend every second like it was their last, doing everything on his friend’s bucket list. eventually, he got a text from his best friend. something was wrong. it said something so morbid, and yet it was so nonchalant. my oc rushes to his best friend’s hospital that he was staying at, running to the room he was in, only to find his best friend practically on his deathbed, drawing his last breathes, hooked up to several machines. his best friend turned to him slowly, and smiled.

“you’re here,” he says, happy as can be. my oc, jaws dropped low, can’t believe it. he runs towards his best friend, panicking. his best friend tells him to calm down, and explains everything to him. though hard to take in, eventually my oc accepts.

days and days later, they hear screaming down the hallway. and before my oc could get past the door to
see what was wrong, bombs fired and he was blown back. he blacked out. a bomber had been in the building, planting bombs sneakily everywhere, somehow without people taking notice. as he slowly comes back to his consciousness, my oc immediately searches for his best friend, but all he finds is what seems to be his corpse. the chorus hits once again, and he’s begging and crying for his best friend to wake up as people still scream and scurry out of the building, fire starting to ignite around them, debris falling left and right—but he couldn’t care less. all he could care about was his best friend.

he eventually woke up, caressed my oc’s cheek, and smiled softly. “it’s okay,” he whispers, just barely louder than the crackling flames that threatened to embrace them. “i didn’t have too much longer anyways.” “but i want you to know something.”

“..wh..what is it…?”

“…i’ve loved you…since we were kids. i just…never had the courage to tell you.” he croaks, his throat fried and his skin burned and scarred from the bomb, blood seeping down his head. my oc helplessly calls for a doctor or someone, but it’s to no avail. he begs, “you can’t die, you can’t, i-i need you, i love you too, please-“, but his best friend pulls his head down with all the strength he has left and kisses his forehead. “it’s okay. don’t cry. i will always be with you, in your memories, in your heart…in your soul…” “but i- i can’t live without you, i-!” “live..not just for you…but for me. live on…so i can see the world through your eyes as i walk beside you, even in heaven.” and with one final thumb swipe across my oc’s cheek, tugging at his lips, signaling that he wants him to smile, my oc smiled weakly with tear filled eyes. “of course..for you..”

the hand caressing his cheek slumps to the floor in slow motion, and he knew the body that was once occupied by the most beautiful soul, was now vacant.

…i did NOT mean to write the entire thing here omfg i got carried away i’m so sorry- 💀

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Barbie Babie

i really wish we had a clear sign that we're about to die because i really want this song playing while i'm closing my eyes.

Ronnoc Neerb

song finishes but I’m still alive
Guess I’m not dying today

ayden fretter

Typically when you know your gonna go you know


@TrunkzEditing let people enjoy themselves man.

Sand bread


La Nature est L’Art de Dieu

I would go out so calm and peaceful ✨

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"It's you I welcome death with" still hits me like a truck each listen, it's a shame the more popular cover didn't include it


@RomanDoughnut she never tried to claim the song as hers, she even put that she loves the original alot




I am learning to sing this song and it took me 30plus attempts to get through it without tearing up.

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