In the Background
Mattafix Lyrics

Yes I am the boy,
Who once worshipped you.
As you seemed to destroy the ground beneath you.
No more am I,
A part of the cyde,
Or the boy who once worshipped you.

They don't know,
Cause they don't know you like I do,
You say you're back now and you,

You say you want me,
I don't believe you.
Cause I'm on track now.
You're in the background.
You say you want me,
Do you really?
I don't believe you,
Nor do I need you,
Cause you're in The Background.
You're in The Background.

Yes I know you've travelled,
Over seas and rivers.
But you can not come back now for there are no bridges.
There's a trail of sorrow,
That you revealed to,
The eyes of a boy,
Who once worshipped you.


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Comments from YouTube:

wildearth saved

mattafix and others ; go steam in a sweat save the wild life ; sweet clouds of sea waters in sweat place love will save the world love ; make it rain for the balance of nature ; go steam clouds save the ice rain and water ! water is life water is love !

Frank Moises

Still a masterpiece IMO


"Mattafix - In The Background"


Mattafix..miammmm..miammmmm you'r in the background

Gemma Milner

its a supper of all courses!an im zipppiinnng my jeans up2it every morning!ahh breathout now haha x ;]

György Varga

This song bring me a little peace and confidence. Thanks!

wildearth saved

with solar love power sweat make it cloud and go back the salt in the sea océans


Is it just me or does the background track (pardon the pun) sound like the Flight of the Conchords theme ...makes the song more epic though imo.

Ian G

Cheers for the upload!

Ricardo Fernandes

só me apetece rebentar tudo... Muito bom

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