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Oh Eden
by Matthew Clark

Oh tell me the tale oh my Father
Of the garden that lit up the East
How the God of our people created the world
And said that it is good

Oh sing ye the song of the Spirit,
Who brooded the birth of the earth
The voice of the seas and the sunlight rang clean
Out across the meadows

Oh Eden, unbroken
Hearts in the heart of our God
Our Father, our Maker
Love from the dawn of the world
Dawn of the world

My Heart breaks to hear the old story
I ache with the call of my home
For the beauty of God and the love that we had
I've heard that it was good

But my brokenness flames up before me,
This treasonous heart, bent and torn
The sword of the truths cleaves the branch from the root
My soul is lost in sorrow

Oh Eden, our treason
Has fed us the fruit of decay
Our Father, we hunger
For bread that will not pass away
Not pass away

So the daughters and sons of the Father
Wander now naked and shamed
The blessings reversed by the thorn of the curse
Creation mourns it still

But a promise spread out like the morning,
And bright came the Word from His mouth
A Son would be born and the curse be undone
Give flight to fallen sparrows

Oh Eden, we have been
Working to make our own way
Our Father, we have so
Shadowed you image in shade

All Things made good
All things so broken now
God ever True, ever we hope in You

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