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Cheer Up Baby
Matthew James Lyrics

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Inhaler When I think of all the things I didn't do Oh,…

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Ain't Life Like That I'm out on my own, aways thinking about you Such…
Complete Me I constantly remind myself of who I really am and…
Don Oceans run of the deepest blue Like my thoughts of…
Don't You Cry Oceans run of the deepest blue Like my thoughts of…
Dreamer If I were a dreamer I would have my way…
Fall From Grace Things been different lately Times aren't what they used to…
I Like The Pane Why don't you ever feel the way I feel. What…
Oblivious I got a stat job,put in my time I hate…
Sing Doesn't any body love you Doesn't any body ever feel…
The End I been drinking irresponsibly I been thinking bout a lot of…
Walls In Which I Hide Cornered here with my face all wet And my body…
You Don't Know About Me Oceans run of the deepest blue Like my thoughts of…

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Ara Ara Mama

One reason I didn't do shit like this as a kid.

I remember me I was in early elementary school I had neighbors that lived just under me who were just about teenagers that abused me.
One thing was that I was terrified of swimming in the deep end because my grandma threw me in the pool trying to 'teaching me how to swim'.
I have a cousin who is younger than me by a year but looks and acts older and almost always the one to defend and protect me and was able to swim and had this also done to her but was fine.
These teenage girls took me and my cousin to the pool while they were babysitting me and one of the girls decided to throw me into the pool because they thought it would be funny.
Another thing to know that was was extremely small as a kid and looked younger than my cousin.
She was really tall for her age and was plus sized.
They didn't get to throw me in this time before I held on for dear life to the poles that surrounded the pool area so they couldn't throw me in.
Another time and me and my cousin were with them but this time at a lake.
I wore a life vest because I couldn't swim but my cousin on the other hand didn't because she was a strong swimmer.
While we were on land the same sister that tried to throw me in the pool last time decided to try and throw me into the lake while I didn't have my life vest.
My mom wasn't around for any of these times and I do believe I was too terrified to tell me mom.
So the another time they tried to the same things to me in the video against my will.
Other thing to note was I could not (and still to this day) was able to do the splits or do do cartwheels)
No one should have to deal with these things.
Anyone does does things like this is a terrible person.
So if you girls who did this to me all those years ago read this,
Fuck you and I hope you rot in hell.

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The splits cannot be forced. Thats how you get fucking hurt. Honestly I feel so bad just hearing her cry in pain. He tore her ligaments while applying so much force. Disappointing as fuck


and yet she was able to do flips two days later that doesn’t make sense

Tammy Do

Ya they can. Its proven her3

Aubriella Herevia

I am a Cheerleader at my School and I am very young, but the girls that are older in my School are the only ones allowed to do splits. Not the young ones.

Tt Tt

They should be actually illegal to be honest



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Nikki Kiss

I had a dance teacher do this to me, I dislocated my hip, since then my hip has never been the same. I keep dislocating it and have just been told by my doctor that in the next year or two they might have to do a hip replacement. This is abuse and should never be used, I hope the coaches that performed this inhumane practice were fired and feel ashamed with themselves.

FN Shiny

Hope ur ok xx

This can’t be happening it’s just wrong and they should really get in serious punishments bc this makes me feel so bad and u could get rlly hurt just like u did :( x

Alyssa Chantay Champagne

@Professional Dropkicker Unfortunately I found out I have other joint issues (which is why this was so detrimental) so it wouldn't hold up in court. The teacher in question however was already in a rift with the studio owner so she wasn't working there much longer.

Professional Dropkicker

Did they get fired and sent to jail?

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