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It's Happening
Matthew James Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'It's Happening' by these artists:

Daniel Bashta You see bones I see an army You see ashes I see light Th…
Lucia Parker feat. BJ Putnam When you move all creation moves with you, with you When…
Number One Fan Wait for the stars to change my fate, Oh hell, it…
White Light Motorcade Your arms, my legs They're one and they've got to be…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Matthew James:

Ain't Life Like That I'm out on my own, aways thinking about you Such…
Complete Me I constantly remind myself of who I really am and…
Don Oceans run of the deepest blue Like my thoughts of…
Don't You Cry Oceans run of the deepest blue Like my thoughts of…
Dreamer If I were a dreamer I would have my way…
Fall From Grace Things been different lately Times aren't what they used to…
I Like The Pane Why don't you ever feel the way I feel. What…
Oblivious I got a stat job,put in my time I hate…
Sing Doesn't any body love you Doesn't any body ever feel…
The End I been drinking irresponsibly I been thinking bout a lot of…
Walls In Which I Hide Cornered here with my face all wet And my body…
You Don't Know About Me Oceans run of the deepest blue Like my thoughts of…

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Comments from YouTube:

Taffy Ducks

The English always maintain its a one way street in terms of rivalry, but having a standard level of knowledge where history is concerned shows that to be hilariously false. English and Welsh rivalry was ancient before Scotland was a twinkle in someones eye. The rivalry goes back almost 2000 Years. And lets be honest, you don't go through all the things the English did in regards to Wales if you weren't just little bit obsessed with something about the place.


England conquered Wales and the rivalry was diminished thereafter.

Wearside Exile

You’re right. I think we (the English) are very aware that we came to Britain as Anglo-Saxon invaders and that the Welsh (Britons) are an ancient people who we pushed out of what is now England and into the mountainous west of Britain (Wales). We’ve been at it for 1600 years and it ain’t going to stop anytime soon.

Brogan Bunje

My dad, Canuck but half-Welsh and half-Australian, loves to tell this story: When he first arrived in Britain, he was paying for petrol in Wales, not far from where my grandmother was born.
Station Attendant: What's an American doing in Wales?
My dad: Actually, I'm Canadian.
Station Attendant: Same thing, right?
My dad: And you're English?
Station Attendant: No! I'm Welsh.
My dad: Same thing, right?
Station Attendant: (nodding, grinning) Well done, you.

唐華瑄Diana Watson

Great one! :)

Felicity Cook

Yep try that with Aussies and Kiwis and yes get same reaction

Russell LaValle

I always get a kick out of his interviews with that Welsh accent since I'm so used to him playing an American and doing an American accent so well.

Forsythia Hoareau

I always enjoy listening to him tell a story. 😉

Molly Colly

Need to watch! Death and Nightingales was one of the novels we had to study for the Irish Leaving Cert(final examinations for high school in the Republic of Ireland 🇮🇪). Great book. Dark, but 👍

Cadi Delyth Davage

Love their attempt at explaining the more than 1000 year old rivalry between the English and Welsh😂 (speaking as a Welshman)

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