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Coils of Living Synthesis
Max Cooper Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Max Cooper:

Supine You, you are so beautiful It used to be, you and…

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Comments from YouTube:

Vincent van der Spoel

Max, me and many other absolutely love the fact that you tend to have these amazing concepts behind all of your work oppososed to just making something that sounds nice. This and the amazing videos add so much depth to your music. Can't say anything other than I'm grateful you do what you do :)

le Pingo Pete

Max offers something most other do not, an experience in a multitude of fronts

KIavaxx Askew

I believe in something. I believe in this song, and I know that it's presence is real. It cannot be compressed. These visuals are it's shape. It is an animal that can move with intelligence based off of the sound of it's own heart.

Twit Stik

I'm an Environmental Biology student along with your biggest fan your a true boss x

vegas valley

it's about the string theory, beyond simple biology

S. Saint. Claire.

Zingbog ;)

Twit Stik

Zingbog thanks and good luck to yourself

S. Saint. Claire.

Twit Stik nah. and it wasnt relevant. silly child.

Twit Stik

S. Saint. Claire. Read the description and if your still asking yourself that question then to you I guess it's not relevant

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Lucie Descôteaux

Im not joking but everytime i put one of your videos on my 85inch screen with your music and i got a few people over , they're all glued on the sofa , hypnotised by the visual and music loll :D

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