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Max Cooper Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Max Cooper:

Supine You, you are so beautiful It used to be, you and…

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Comments from YouTube:


i wonder how deep learning/ML/neural nets could be used to both collect, sequence or maybe even generate images for this artform. absolutely fascinating. i loved weval-someday and have kept an eye on paraic's work ever since, wondering how the hell he does it. i find it hard to believe it was all his original photography. that would be tens of thousands of images.

Thomas Rebour

That's a good idea using neural networks to help with collecting/ordering images, as it's a very manual and time-consuming activity! I also discovered Paraic's work with Weval - Someday and was absolutely blown away by it. I don't think it's all his own imagery, as he must've used satellite photos and other stuff, but he still did have to organise and order them all!

Devon Trepp

thank you i’ve been looking for analysis of the mcgloughlin brothers work for a while—

Thomas Rebour

you're welcome! hope it was useful/interesting


ahh man this was amazing, i love your work

Thomas Rebour

thank you, appreciate it!

in / development

Amazing attention to detail and meticulous methodology. Thanks for sharing, Thomas. Thrilled to find your work.

Thomas Rebour

Thank you for the kind words!!

Soham Rane

such a beautiful explanation and presentation, thanks for making this content
pls don't drop out on this , I appreciate your work 🙏

Thomas Rebour

Thank you so much!!

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