Maxo Kream feat. LAMB$ & Ski Mask Malley Lyrics

try to rob me get the fully or the semi tell me what you want
i got clientele send it to me i'ma get it off
wake up early in the morning just to go and count it (racks)
wake up early in the morning just to go and count it (count it up)
i got clientele, I got clientele (bitch i'm boomin)
i got clientele, I got clientele bust a bag then drop it on the scale (weight it up)
get a pack next day through the mail (overnight)
fuck 12 dont wanna go to jail (hell na)
hit the block then the fiends raise hell (what you need?)
got 38 pints in the freezer (weigh it up)
high tech rig got it by the litre (yeah i got it)
iphone 2 weigh in the beeper (hello)
yeah my trap say drop it off the meter (get goin)
trap say boomin ye thats what he saying if the trap really booming take you out in like a day
in the spot all day on the phone makin plays in the kitchen 3 scales 4 stoves no plates (uh huh)
bring the pack to your house you aint even gotta wait double bagged vacuum sealed you aint even gotta weigh it
i front 3 packs ya'll aint even gotta pack just move real fast had to brave the next day
cus i got clientele, move it through the mail (overnight)
the dope it come in bails, double package vaccum sealed (cant smell it)
i dont need no scale, keep it wrapped it's gonna sell (get it goin)
i got the drank aswell, orange soda keen and kale (uh huh)
fuck the feds and fuck the judge, fuck the cops they catching slugs.
Fuck the laws i'm selling drugs, fuck a job i'm bussin jugs

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Kyle Bush

@Justin S we’re trying tuy

Kyle Bush

@Justin S we’re trying tu

Justin S

nah nigga


6 years later & this shit still goin hard




Gotta turn my shit all the way up when Malley's part come on. Too fye 😭

Yo Fetti

This needs more attention seriously! Such a dope song !


my grandma loves this song

Sadam O'Neal


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