She's My Baby
Mazzy Star Lyrics

She's my baby
She belongs to me
Yesterday she walked home all alone
Everybody else
Looks at my baby
Then they wander over to me

But baby's feelin' bad today
She said she's thinkin of goin' away
Oh baby I'm cryin'
And my body's flyin'
But I remember you

She's my baby
Ain't that something
But I know she belongs to you

Yesterday was another day
When I saw your baby
Walkin' home alone
I'm feelin' sorry
I called you but I guess I forgot your name

My baby's feelin' bad today
She said she's thinkin' of goin' away
But she's just like lightning
She goes right through you
Then you know you'll never
Be the same

Now everybody looks
All around the corner
Just to see your baby
Walkin' home

She's my baby
Ain't that something
But I know that she belongs to you
She belongs to you

Lyrics © Wixen Music Publishing
Written by: David Roback, Hope Sandoval

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Comments from YouTube:

brad carver

This song hits hardest when you’re nodding to OxyContin in your girlfriends trailer

Amanda Lamb

I loled

G Davis

I thought the same thing 20 years ago. Enjoy it while you can, I guess, it's going to go real bad.

Roddy Jarrar

Hits okay enough for me after smoking a blunt, fuck purdue lol

brad carver

Jop Mens

Jop Mens

it wasnt the trailer it was the second episode

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Eric T

So Tonight That I Might See is in my short list of all time favorite albums. And this is my favorite song from that album.


Absolutely. Very short list. My personal anthem on this album is "Blue Light" but this song captures the same mood of somnambulistic, blissed-out hurt. Crazy good. And although those two tracks are my favorites, several others are eons beyond 99.9% of the music out there. Hope was unbelievable live, especially when I saw her in a very small venue, she was so fucked up they started an hour late. But Dave "Throwback" Roback was just as much a master of Mazzy Star as he was with Kendra and Opal. RIP Dave, the world is more two-dimensional without you in it.

Zyaire Harlem

@Thiago Philip yup, been watching on Flixzone} for years myself :D

Russell Keith

@Thiago Philip Definitely, have been watching on flixzone} for years myself :D

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