She's My Baby
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She's my baby
She belongs to me
Yesterday she walked home all alone
Everybody else
Looks at my baby
Then they wander over to me

But baby's feelin' bad today
She said she's thinkin of goin' away
Oh baby I'm cryin'
And my body's flyin'
But I remember you

She's my baby
Ain't that something
But I know she belongs to you

Yesterday was another day
When I saw your baby
Walkin' home alone
I'm feelin' sorry
I called you but I guess I forgot your name

My baby's feelin' bad today
She said she's thinkin' of goin' away
But she's just like lightning
She goes right through you
Then you know you'll never
Be the same

Now everybody looks
All around the corner
Just to see your baby
Walkin' home

She's my baby
Ain't that something

But I know that she belongs to you
She belongs to you

Overall Meaning

The song "She's My Baby" by Mazzy Star is a hauntingly beautiful ballad that speaks to the complex emotions that come with being in love with someone who belongs to someone else. The singer wrestles with her feelings towards the titular baby, who looks to her for comfort, but ultimately belongs to another person. The opening lines of the song, 'She's my baby, she belongs to me,' encapsulate the internal struggle felt by the singer, who sees the object of her affection as someone she can never truly possess.

The second verse of the song reveals more about the situation, with the singer seeing the baby walking home alone, prompting feelings of protectiveness and sympathy. However, the bridge of the song sees the singer acknowledging that the baby belongs to another person, someone the singer has forgotten the name of. The final verse of the song is the most intense, as the singer describes how the baby is "just like lightning," a force that will change you forever. Despite knowing that the baby belongs to someone else, the singer cannot help but feel drawn to her and the sense of magic she brings to their life.

Overall, "She's My Baby" is a poignant and melancholic piece that speaks to the complexities of love and romance. The singer's desire for the baby is mixed with a deep sense of sadness and longing, while at the same time recognizing the impossibility of the situation. The song touches on themes of jealousy, possessiveness, and longing, all while delivering a beautiful melody and powerful vocal performance.

Line by Line Meaning

She's my baby
I have a strong emotional attachment to her

She belongs to me
I feel possessive over her

Yesterday she walked home all alone
Yesterday, she walked by herself

Everybody else looks at my baby, then they wander over to me
Others notice my attachment to her and come to me to learn more

But baby's feelin' bad today, She said she's thinkin of goin' away
She's not feeling well and is considering leaving

Oh baby I'm cryin', And my body's flyin', But I remember you
I am very emotional and upset, but I still think of her

She's my baby, Ain't that something, But I know she belongs to you
I have strong feelings for her, but I know she is with someone else

Yesterday was another day, When I saw your baby, Walkin' home alone
I saw her walking by herself again

I'm feelin' sorry, I called you but I guess I forgot your name
I am sorry and reached out to you, but I forgot your name

But she's just like lightning, She goes right through you, Then you know you'll never, Be the same
She has a powerful and transformative energy

Now everybody looks, All around the corner, Just to see your baby, Walkin' home
People are attracted to her and want to see her walking home

She belongs to you
She is in a relationship with you

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Written by: David Roback, Hope Sandoval

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