Morning Sun
Melody Gardot Lyrics

There little babe, don't you cry
We got that sunny morning waitin' on us now
There's a light at the end of the tunnel
We can be worry-free
Just take it from me
Honey child
Let me tell you now, child

That morning sun is here to greet us
With her loving light so warm
That morning sun is here to meet us
Waitin' on the wakin' up of everyone

She ain't gonna quit 'till you're smiling now
Lemme tell you, child
Lemme tell you, honey child

That morning sun
Has come to greet ya
She's peekin' round the corner
Just waitin' just to meet ya
Shinin' down on all your troubles
Lemme tell ya, child
Lemme tell ya, honey child

'Cause this world was made for dreamin'
This world was made for you
This world made for believin'
In all the things you're gonna do
Ah, honey child
Lemme tell ya now, child

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Rosie Brown

Melody you're my absolute favourite singer and musician, my biggest role model on the planet.
I discovered you when I was about 13 and I'm now turning 23.

You have no idea how much of a positive impact your music have had on my life, I simply cannot thank you enough.
You have inspired me and moved me in ways I never thought were possible!
My biggest dream is to be able to see you live, big concerts are a bit troublesome for me though.
One day maybe 🙏

Love from a girl with autism

Mike Simpson

Where did I hear you sing
When I was but a babe
You are only half my age
But I swear that you were there
Your voice stirs deepest memories
Of oh so long ago
Before I knew the words to speak
Your melody spoke to me
And filled me up with warmest feelings
Of how home aught to be
Where did I hear you singing
Oh so long ago

Emil Rejon

Hey little baby
don't you cry
we got that sunny morning waiting on us know
There's a light at the end of the tunnel
we can live it as free
Just take it from me

Honey child let me tell you know child

that morning sun is here to greet us
with a loving light, so warm
that morning sun is here to meet us
waiting on the waking up on everyone

She ain't gonna keep
till you smile ooh

let me tell you honey child
let me tell you honey child

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AVI Solomon

Melody , I live again when I hear u singing , I breath again , I see the colours in this world , I can't even express how u make me feel hearing ur music the sad or the happy ones , I wish I could see u sing live , nothing during wars and hard times like real music , please don't make us wait for more , all the love from Syria ..


Syria, the world loves you, even if it doesn't feel like it 💜

Andrew Ein

Much peace my friend. There is always light, and there will always be love.

Kirsten Lyngholm


Maurizio Cirillo

Ciao Fratello Siriano qualunque sia il Dio che porti pace nella tua terra

Nikolas SoDiant

Force to you 🙏 🌿🌿🌿

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Arthur Greenwood

This lady's voice brings me to my knees, I am 67 years old and still discovering great music.

Jana Jorgenson

Me too! Isn’t it sooooo inspiring finding an artist so raw & talented as Melody Gardot?! #Priceless ♥️🎵🎼🎶🌟✨💫


I know exactly how you feel Arthur, on both counts


That’s the gift and beauty of music. We will never hear everything in our lifetime and every day offers the joy of a new discovery.

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