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My world is dark and cold
since you went away
my world is painted in a palette of gray
The days go drifting by
like a sailing ship
out in the setting sky and I wonder why
you left me in such a sorry state

I'm full of emptiness
like a hollowed glass I don't know happiness
but it's okay I guess
because I know in time I will find
somebody who will ease my mind and
I'll leave behind my days in such a sorry state


I'll be okay I'm fine
foolish people always tell me love is blind
well so was mine
but baby please don't call
I would rather have the silence than your voice at all
All because you left me in such a sorry state

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Noelle Sieg

There are only a few voices who can make me feel emotional during a song and hers is one of them....She truly feels what she sings and her voice is so pure and beautiful. Its a privileged to get to listen to her.

Herbert Haubold

Simply wonderful and wonderfully simple. And sad that she does not sing like this anymore.

Celia Nicole

this song..her raw and filled with emotion and just what I'm going through too...she is in one word: amazing.

Jorge Correia

Don't know why, but I find it hard to breath while I'm listening to this song. So haunting, sad, but mostly beautiful. I think it casted a spell on me.

Sant Luc

j'adore! Elle est fantastique! et cette musique c'est parfait!!!

MJ Holaday

Wow.... just F***ing Wow. Well sung, Melody! Absolutely amazing!


Maravilloso! 5*****

Bev Martinets

Hauntingly beautiful....


Wow - great song.

Slavko Cosic

Melody Gardot - Class always<3... Light & Love...

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