Memory of a Melody Lyrics

Brace, yourself as I suffer.
I hate myself, and my life much more (I can't take anymore)
I've taken blame for many things including heresy...
Too late for prayer, I've she'd my tears, and I'm prepared(to end all the...)

PAIN That's hidden inside of me
HATE the sickness I've grown to feel...
I keep on trying to medicate

Take this noose, to hang myself (don't want to see light again).
These words I write convict my soul to hell. (won't fail again)
PAIN growing inside of me
HATE just about everything
I want it all to go away
Fall cutting this tie to breathe
FAILED my attempt to end everything
I need someone to please help me

Lost, can't find my way, it's dark and cold...
(I beg and plead, someone please help me NOW)
Faith, is far away, it's dead and gone.

Shocked at the reason, that we kill ourselves yet love the rebellion.

Lost, I see the way it's dark and cold
(I'm not ready to die
Faith, is all I need to heal my soul...
Shocked at the reason, that we kill ourselves yet love the rebellion.

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Comments from YouTube:

Timothy Felker

Congratulations on getting your Channel back up Space, also this is a amazing song.

Вофка Дронго

я когда выучил песню на Русском я её полюбил ещё больше )))


What happened to your channel? Copyright?


Copyright issues yes

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