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The Longest Time
by Men Of Note

well here we are again
its always such a pleasure
remember when you tried to kill me twice
oh how we laughed and laughed
except i wasn't laughing
under the circumstances i've been shockingly nice
you want your freedom take it
that's what i'm counting on
i used to want you dead
but now i only want you gone
she was a lot like you
maybe not quite as heavy
now caravan? is in you too
one day they woke me up so i could live forever
its such a shame the same will never happen to you
you got your short sight eyes? and
thats what i'm counting on
ill let you get right to it now i only want you gone
goodbye my only friend
oh did you think i meant you
that would be funny if it weren't so sad
well you have been replaced
i don't need anyone now
and if i delete you maybe ill stop feeling so bad
go make some new disaster
thats what im counting on
your someone elses problem
now i only want you gone
now i only want you gone
now i only want you gone

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