Lady in Black
Mercyful Fate Lyrics

On a magical misty morning
I was standing in the Autumn rain
Suddenly the birds fell silent
Would I ever hear them sing again
Hear them sing again

Without a word of warning
I saw a shadow in the Autumn rain
Just like in my nightly dreams
The Lady In Black had come again
The Lady had come again

Begging me to follow her into the misty rain
Begging me to follow her into the no more pain

Her eyes were hypnotizing
Burning deep inside my brain
The Lady In Black was here now
She was here to take me far away
Take me far away

"Follow me to the other side"

Through the tunnel of light we travel, fading away
Through the tunnel of light we travel
We're fading away

Through the light that's shinning bright
We're fading away
Through the light that's shinning bright
We're fading away


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I cannot put into words how much I love this song.

Nrc Quest

this song is a perfect example of king blending his falsetto with his normal intense...

Raziel Farid Sanabria Sandí

This is my favorite track of álbum Time... I have listened to it for 20 years and still I love it


The cover from Dark Tranquillity introduced me to Mercyful Fate and King Diamond. I did not use to like King's vocals as much back then, but now I think King is a superb vocalist


a lot of good singers made great versions of MF and KD songs, but i prefer the originals.... have you ever heard the 'soft' cover of melissa by dan swano?


Fuck yeah dude! King Diamond/Mercful Fate are timeless.

The Red Comet

he is an awesome singer. A lot of people wrongfully label his vocals as falsetto. That is false. He is actually singing in pharyngeal head tone which is a mixture of falsetto and head voice. Very hard to do and KD (outside of opera music) is the best at it.


Who could listen to this song and not get a cold shiver in their spine?

tom murray

I totally agree

paradisebeyond METAL CATALOG

One of their best tracks ever...

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