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2 Pills
by Michael Barr

I dont wanna let you down
I got two pills on me now
I've been hiding from myself
I put my problems on your shelf
If you read this i can't tell you that im running low

When I notice that im running out
I know there wouldn't be enough for us but I need you somehow
A cellophane wrapped up tight yea you gotta get out
But do you think were good for now just wait for me I'm coming down
Wait for me im coming down

I do what I need, I do what I want,
killin' all your noise in my back ground,
Cut my knees I fell off again
She said please don't be late, I'm nodded off alone at the front gate
I can't take all the blame myself

When I notice that I'm running out
I know I'm gunning for the both of us but we can't settle down
Cellophane wrapped up, yeah you know you gotta get out
But do you think were good for now just wait for me I'm coming down
Wait for me I'm coming down...

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2 pills is about some addicted to a substance in this case pills while In a relationship. The opening verse is him saying he doesn't want to let his significant other down by relapsing and how hes been hiding from his own self and away from the outside world. The chorus is basically saying that he knows he's gotta get out of this lifestyle and he wants them (his girl) to wait for him that he's coming down and will change but the second verse speaks on him getting high and blocking her out/ignoring her and or her attempts to get him clean and sober and her telling him not to be late to whatever was planned etc and he ended up nodding off and didn't show up and back into the chorus.

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