Summer Of '42
Michel Legrand Lyrics

미셸 르그랑은 32년 파리에서 태어났다.
64년 쟈끄 드미(JACQUES DEMY) 감독의 뮤지컬 영화 ‘쉘부르의 우산(LES PARAPLUIES DE CHERBOURG /65년)'에 참여하면서명성을 얻게된다.
미셸 르그랑은 그의 오케스트라와 함께 유명 샹송가수들의 반주로 음악에 열기를 이끌어 내었고, 샹송과 이탈리아의 깐쏘네, 스페인의 플랑멩꼬 고전들을 스윙감 넘치는 빅 밴드 연주로 편곡한 음반에서부터, 재즈 대가들과의 협연 그리고 현재는 피아노 트리오로 활발한 활동을 하고 있다

Writer(s): Michel Jean Legrand

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Comments from YouTube:

Richard D. Ruttenberg

One of the main reasons I became a musician ...compositions like this one make life bearable and worth living.

Christopher Robin777

“Without music life would be a mistake.” --- Friedrich Nietzsche

Debbie Celli

I think this is one of the most beautiful melodies I've ever heard. Takes you to another place and time.

Victoria E

@Ron Seaberg oh. I am going to Heaven. None of us die our soul lives body will be united with soul.

Victoria E

@Ron Seaberg I will go to Heaven to be with Yahweh and Yeshua. Thank you

Ron Seaberg

@Victoria E well, ... why not continue right on thru Eternity ... this life is but a beginning

Barbara Mccroy

This movie taught you so much about human nature! A truly coming of age movement.

Bruno Vanhove

Ja zeker!!, mooi en romantisch ,en ik herinner precies waar en wanneer!
Eigenaardig dat er meer levenslange, onsterfelijke herinneringen hangen aan verkeerde beslissingen,in een mens zijn levensreis, dan aan de goede! beslissingen!

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Magda Guillén

Es bellísima, hace que la mente vague por lugares preciosos, me encanta.

Dagoberto Vega

Tal vez un amor que no pudo ser, nos permite idealizar, y la imagen de ella permanecerá en nosotros para siempre. A mí me ocurre hasta hoy

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