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Bad Bad Boys
Midi Maxi & Efti Lyrics

Bad bad boys aha
yeah ah ha, yeah ah ha, ah ha (2*)
bad bad boys, come with me, come with me(2*)
I feel positive
this time, I wan't to go away ah ha
bad bad boys, come with me, come with me, yeah

Hi it's me, if you know what I mean
I said it's me, my name is Efti and I wan't you to see
that positive people live longer
don't be negative (negative)
just be positive (positive)


You keep on asking me
why can't we be together
I thought we had forever
I thought we love eachother
some other day strong, now I feel alone
I'll know someway and I'll know someday


I like it like it is
and I like it like it was
but I'm not so sure anymore, anymore

Chorus (2*)

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Comments from YouTube:

Jessie Mouse

This song always cracked me up for their lack of enthusiasm haha


Don't be negative... JUST... BE... POSITIVE! Like we are!

Elizabeth Michurina

I know right!


@Kyle Ferguson You can see one of them trying to keep from laughing.

Kurt Richter

@Mr. Chip Made the Top 100 in the US. Not a blockbuster but also no small feat.

Jessica Cereceres

Soonkie123 😂😂😂

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Thumbs up if beavis and butthead brought you here lol.

Elizabeth Ley

It reminds me of the movie untamed heart when rosie per is dancing by the jukebox lol

Jessica Cereceres

Elizabeth Ley I’m watching that movie right now 🤣😂🤣 so I looked it up and here I am 😂🤣

Shaunna Gibbs

That's why I'm listening to it. HAHA

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