Dear Sparrow
Mighty Sparrow Lyrics

I fell in love in January
Got married in February
I fell in love in January
Got married in February
From the middle of March up to May
I left my wife and went away
Coming back home to spend as to spend my honeymoon
I recieved a letter in June

Dear Sparrow, darling I hate to write
Oh, oh my dear I must let you know tonight
The baby born, and darling you ought to know
I am so happy the child resemble your uncle Joe

I got the letter early one evening
Soon as I finish working
The postman came I was so happy
Because 1 wanted to hear from she
But when I thought was a different Sparrow
Ah only know this woman a few months ago
Say what you like, she is running wild
Since I born I never hear about a 3 months child

Dear Sparrow, darling I hate to write
Oh my dear I must let you know tonight
The baby born and since it start to grow
I am so happy to say it's the image of Uncle Joe

Now I want you to pay attention
Tell me if I took the right action
Took up meh pencil and piece of paper
I decided to write a letter
Something wrong on one can't deny it
Meh wife is involved in some kind of racket
Before ah finish write to move from the table
The postman came back this time with a cable

Sparrow, please hurry home today
Oh my dear, oh my darling do not stay
The child is yours, Christening is soon you know
When the time comes I'm going to invite Uncle Joe

Night and day I began to worry
Ah now realise I married too early
But the way how she walk, how she so pretty
Love at first sight is what really trap me
But when your hands is in the lion mouth
Somehow or the other you must take it out
So right then folks ah know ah had to act
And in her own coins ah pay she' back

Dear Elaine, sweetheart I love to write
Oh, oh, my dear, I must let you know tonight
It's obvious if the baby resemble Joe, give it to him
The result of a Sparrow is a bird not Joe!

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Maureen Frederick

Nice, thank you.

John Getek

Thanks mike redbar for putting me on

R Gemin

Thank you Clinton Man   i was looking for this music nealrly 50 years   thank  you

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