Lion And Donkey
Mighty Sparrow Lyrics

Bo Lion and Donkey arguing
De two of dem, well who is really king
Bo Lion and Donkey arguing
Between de two of dem, who is really king, hmmm...
Well, de argument reach a height
De committee say, "Let dem fight!"
All but monkey backing lion
De whole animal kingdom in confusion.

Hear dey bawling...

(Beat de man, lion, buss he head!)
All them animals gone crazy
(Beat de man, lion, buss he head!)
Even de referee, he and all against donkey, he bawling
(Beat de man, lion, buss he head!)
A donkey is an ass and he have no brain
Lion bite away donkey tail and had de poor ass in pain.

Lion know donkey ain't easy
So he decide to fight carefully
But de way de crowd encouraging
He get brave and he start to swing, hmmm...
A left and a right to head... Woop too!
Upper cut, I say donkey dead
Donkey tumble down on de floor
Elephant, goat and tiger began to roar.

Hear they bawling...

(Lick him down, lion, lick him down!)
Take yuh paws and rip 'way he belly
(Lick him down, lion, lick him down!)
Only monkey crying for donkey
(Lick him down, lion, lick him down!)
This time, lion in a temper only sharing blows
Rip away all of donkey clothes
And had de whole ass exposed, hey!

Monkey bawl, "Hey man, ring de bell!"
Crapaud say, "For what? Go to hell!"
"Well, all right use de secret weapon
And teach a lesson to dis damn lion"
Referee Mr. Unicorn say, "It's a forgone conclusion
Time to ring de bell really pass
But a miracle couldn't save your partner ass"

(Knock him out, lion, knock him out!)
Donkey getting tired and backing
(Knock him out, lion, knock him out!)
Lion fouling but de referee ain't warning
(Knock him out, lion, knock him out!)
Lion take a stool and really knock him down
Dog and all start to laugh at this
Big naked ass on de ground.

Hear they singing...

In a clinch, donkey kiss lion
Calling him a macomere man
Lion get so vex he change up he style
No more bobbing and weaving, he fighting wild
When he had donkey at arm's length
He pelt a bolo with all his strength
Donkey weave and dat was de case
Lion spin, donkey grab him around he waist.

Hear de referee...

(Dat is foul, donkey, dat is foul)
Donkey tell de referee, "Yes, I know."
(Dat is foul, donkey, dat is foul)
"Ho-ho. Maybe, but dis is one fowl dat could crow!"
(Break, I say, donkey, break, I say)
Monkey say, "I don't know what is wrong wid you.
Why de hell you talking 'bout
Break, break, break...
And is dat he trying to do?"

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Comments from YouTube:

veronica kashaka

Wonderful, what a beautiful old time calypso. Thanks for up loading this.

Terry Gomes' Music

Sweet and hilarious tune! Love vintage Calypso. :)

Terry Gomes' Music

Love the brass section in this tune. Awesome!

Anonymous Bug

ok so the

The Uploder

He really was the one of the earliest singers and only classic crooner to ever use vulgarity in any of his songs.

andrew davis

Loving this

John Laquis

My favorite Sparrow- masterpiece

Nan Piggott

A classic love it, how could not give this a THUMBS UP. lol

Amit Singh

thanks for the tune my uncle ask me for this we loving it right now, bless.


Yes thank you for uploading this song.....been wanting to hear it for awhile now!!!

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