Mighty Sparrow Lyrics

Maria darling I must go,
But remember I love you so
Unfortunately we must part
Girl yuh doh know how it breaks my heart.

I wish ah could ah stay with you
And gih yuh what is yours, doo-doo
But until we meet again I know,
Right now we got to say aye-o
Oh-ohh-ohhh, Maria!
Oh-ohh-ohhh, Maria!

I like de way yuh walk Marie
And I like de way yuh talk, Marie
Ah like de way yuh smile, Marie
Yuh know yuh have me goin wild, Marie.

It's very plain to see, Marie,
How much you mean to me, Marie
Ah doh care if ah starve, Marie;
You'll get all de money ah have, Marie
Whoah-wah-whoah-ohhhh, Maria!
Whoah-wah-whoah-ohhhh, Maria!

Ah went home to Marie last night
But somebody nearly out meh light
Ah doh know what was his reason
Now de police have him in prison.

I don't know if what he said was true
He says he love Maria too
But now ah can't see what tuh do;
Because he have meh eyes well black and blue.
Whoah-wah-whoah-ohhhh, Maria!
Whoah-wah-whoah-ohhhh, Maria!


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Comments from YouTube:

wayne khan

Since I was a child ! And being from trini!! My dad introduced me to real Calypso!! There isn't anyone alive or dead that can beat back this man !

Chaz Clifford

Sweet voice coupled with a fantastic melody


The best part of this song is the things he did not say , but is in the lyrics anyway , what a genius Sparrow really is though !

Beverley Hosten

a Legend to the world...


For inexplicable reason this song just came into mind and I googled it. Reminds me of my late uncle who used to dance to this song with his wife to be.

Anna Phillip

It just came to mind now.

Phones Admin

What can one say, just great.

Eurline Gomes

Sweet memories 😍

Cam Kin

Good old memories back in the day late 50s and 60s.

Alfred King

I remember this so as if it were yesterday in the 1960's in British Guiana when I lived with my Family in Port Mourant.
Those years of 1956, 57,58,59,60,61,62 were some of the Happiest of my young Life. The only thing that scared us was DRACULA and FRANKENSTEIN, films we saw at Roopmahal Cinema. We shopped for Groceries at GOCOOL's, BICKRAM's or CHUNINLALL's. We all walked to School and had Treats at HARRIS in Rose Hall.
High School was, and still is, Corentyne High.
August brought Horse Racing.
Happy Days never to return.

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