Mighty Sparrow Lyrics

Long ago, boy, when I was young
And anything at all go wrong
I used to run to mih grandmother
For she to help me but oh, brother!
When she talk is only parable,
When she done, I in more trouble
I know is good advice she giving
But what the Devil she saying?

An ounce of prevention better than a whole pound of cure, doodoo
(Never trouble trouble until trouble trouble you)
You scratch my back before yours get scratch
(When you drinking gasoline, doh eat match)
What sweet in goat mouth go sour in he pants
(Egg have no right in rock stone dance)
Exchange no robbery, any port for a storm
(Can't clean ground for monkey run on)

I really thought she was madwoman
Because I really couldn't understand
All these parables she using,
To me it was too confusing
You young, you quick to fall in love
And always have problem to solve
I think I getting help from she
But she telling me Nancy story.

Lalin kouwi jou pawe
(One day, one day, congotay)
Who have coco in sun always looking for rain
(He who have cocobay doh 'fraid yaws again)
Wise man will never practice what you hear him preach
(So doh hang your hat where you hand can't reach)
Love soon get cold when it run hot like... caca
(Married man he wait for her to sting obeah)
That's the one I like!

Boy, oh boy, she was a real good sport,
The real amusing sort
She could fix any problem, I'm sure,
She had a plaster for every sore
When you live in glass house don't pelt stone
The window you break might be your own
Who bring you news go carry back on you
Everything she tell me is true.

Show me a thief, I will show you a liar
(Birds of a feather flock together)
Knowledge is power, wisdom is force
(Zeal without knowledge is a runaway horse)
Fool could make money but is wise man to spend it
(Nobody could teach an old dog new trick)
One hand can't clap, once bitten twice shy
(And you never miss the water 'til the well run dry)

Tell me granny!
Yeh dat sweet.

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"When you drinking gasoline, don't eat match!! I always love that one!!!


Small bits of this feels like a nice, fun arrangement of "what a wonderful world"

Miles Walcott

I remember this song as a child but I now understand the wisdom


"when she talk, it's only parable, when she done - i'm in more trouble!" love his novelty songs, actually love everything by birdie. three cheers to mr. slinger francisco!

Irving .d

Great music, great man.

Kusmin Guinness

Children of today should listen to this - always heed the advice of the elders.

CosmicCoil1961Music @handmade_steeringwheelcovers

You never miss the water till the well run dry

Darwin Charles

When judgeing claypso u get points 4 rendition, performance vocal quality and others this is where Sparrow Excelled. The best renderer of Calypso in my book

Ayana J

Love it! The Mighty Sparrow!! Tuuuuuneee!!

Carol Cyrus

mighty sparrow I listen to your claypso every day all the claypso sound so good it's the best long time amen

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