Mighty Sparrow Lyrics


Dey tend to say I ain't have a sense of humour
But I don't like de latest rumour
Of course I have a sense of humour
But I don't like de latest rumour
People all about, are happy to say how Sparrow kick-out
He was in some kinda collision, poor soul
An' he dead, dead and gone

Well every half an hour, somebody ringing up
Until they get the news, they don' know when to stop
Guess who?
Yes I knew Sparrow, a very nice fellow
Whenever we met we always said hello
Guess who?

It was Simpson, de Funeral Agency Man
Wid he coffin in he han'
Simpson, de Funeral Agency Man
Oh yes he working in de Junction


Is now to hear how much money I owing
So much false receipt dey showing
People start to say how dey sorry
I dead and gone they ain't get chance to sue me
Dis time, my family
Clean out a spot in de cemetery
They en worry because they hear Sparrow get kill
They wanna know which one ah dem I have in meh will


Somebody ring the newspaper, dey ring the radio
They just gotta find out if it's really so
Guess who?
Yes I love his records and I got every one
And now I feel so sorry to know that he is gone
Guess who?
You mean to say you don't know
Simpson the Funeral Agency Man
Wid he coffin in he han'
Simpson, oh yes de Funeral Agency Man
You know he working in de Junction


Mmm, ah fella tell me something, he may be lying
But he say plenty women was crying
Women who never talk to me yet
But dey crying, all their dress wet
Boo hoo, boo hoo, Sparrow dead now whe' we go do
Gimme de dagger from off the shelf
I might as well kill mehself


Yes they say they see a man by Piccadilly Street
With a candle in he han' and two slippers on his feet
Guess who?
Yes they say they really thought the man was out he head
He say he waiting for me, although he hear I dead
Guess who?

Everybody know
Simpson, de Funeral Agency Man
Wid he coffin in he hand
Simpson, oh yes, de Funeral Agency Man
Lord, he working in de Junction


I hear they did ah make ah big preparation
To head my funeral wid All-Stars steel band
Yes Sir'ee, decision was real quick
They asked the steel band men to play Sputnik
For the funeral, they hire All Stars
But for the wake was dat scamp Cyril Diaz
Biscuit and coffee set, dey ready to fete
The only disappointment is I ain't dead yet


I know you really, really thought the news is on the level
But the man who start this rumour is as wicked as de Devil
Guess who?

Yes it's all a joke to him, he laugh and he ain't care
Wid he nose like a funnel an he mout' touchin' he ears
Guess who?

It was Melody, de ugliest Calypsonian
With he face like a saucepan
Melody, de ugliest Calypsonian
So ugly and 'mauvais lang'!

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Comments from YouTube:

Benjamin Charles Spencer

Cheers buddy . Made me smile

Pi Ci

if you ever need to get away to the islands without the flight


It's remember me King Selewa in his Calypso's time :-) Thanxs, Neil !

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