Smart Bajan
Mighty Sparrow Lyrics

A Barbadian engineer by the name of Cephas
Got to know that Trinidadians were superstitious
This Bajan smart man by the name of Cephas
Got to know that Trinidadians were superstitious
So he buy a piece a land up Hololo Mountain
Put concrete ′round a spring and open a fountain
Well in less than no time, if you hear the shout
Stupid people coming from all about

Throwing coins in the fountain
Each one seeking happiness
Thrown by hopeful lovers
Tell me, which one will the fountain bless?

And by the time they pull out, the Bajan dive in
Taking all the money from the fountain
And hear him singing:
"All is mine, all is mine, all is mine!"

I am sure that you would be surprised to know
How much big shots does go to Mount Hololo
All kind of people believe in this thing
If you see so many old maids in search of a ring
Throwin' coins in the fountain like they feeding fish
Kneeling down on their knees making a wish
Thousands of people were going up there daily
Trinidad was coming just like Italy

So many coins in the fountain
Each one longing for a home
There they lie in the fountain
Just like in the heart of Rome

And is to see the Barbadian with he swimming trunk on
Waiting patiently ′til all the fools gone
To sing:
"All is mine, all is mine, all is mine!"

Four o'clock one morning meh girlfriend waking me
Telling me come go up to the fountain with she
Ah say "Well me ain't walking twelve miles up no mountain!"
She say "Well if it′s twelve thousand we still going"
"Darlin′", she say, "we living too long in sin
We have a right to go and fix it by the fountain"
Ah had some money in meh house to pay meh rent
In the fountain the girl throw every cent

And hear she singing:

Which one will the fountain bless?
Which one will the fountain bless?

But all the time the stupid woman making she wish
Is the smart Barbadian that is getting rich
The vagabond singing:
"All is mine, all is mine, all is mine!"

Ah don't know how the news reach the F.B.I.
But the police decide to arrest the guy
An inspector by the name of Duntin
Disguise himself, so he went up to the fountain
Take out three gold coins and throw it inside
Pretend he′s making a wish, but he went and hide
When the Barbadian see the gold like if he went crazy
So in the fountain he jumping immediately
And hear him singing:

Three coins in the fountain
Through the ripples how they shine
"All is mine, all is mine, all is mine!"

But as the vagabond come out from the fountain
The Inspector arrest him and start to sing:
"Not this time, not this time, not this time!"

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Comments from YouTube:

Bondee Bryan

He is so far above the rest
The Birdie is up there where the air is rare all by himself.
Just the best.
Love you man.

marsha allison

Every time i tried to out my father, he sang this to me. When i agreed about not getting enough allowance my father would sing" all is mine". i tried singing to him once and sang"Not this time"

Marjorie Ferguson

Those were the day myself friend we taught will never end

Shakesha W

marsha allison 😂

Keith Yearwood

I was singing this song a few weeks ago and I am glad you put it up. Lawd...what a laugh!

Wendel Carrington

Co sex


love this song!! so funny! i like the tempo he sings it with.


We Bajans know a real good song and recognize the best calypsonian  in the world.  Great music.  lolol.. the eternal battle between trini and baje to see who can outsmart who..    lol.

Timothy Titre

@Miche Forte i just did it was above this one...2020

Miche Forte

For the best of this competition ,listen to "Teck yuh meat outtuh mi rice'

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