Solomon Out
Mighty Sparrow Lyrics

If I had any doubts, now they gone completely
I am living in true democracy
If I had any doubts, now they gone completely
Our nation stands for true democracy
I am referring to that most regrettable disaster
Through a corporal, we lost our acting Prime Minister
He complained to the Commission
And make them kick out poor Solomon

Where in the world you could find democracy so?
Except in Trinidad and Tobago
If was in America, is the corporal that had to go
In the first place a man like he
Couldn't see the Commission of Inquiry
Don't care how he try, they would charge him as a spy
And tell the public he lie

Oh well the good things you do, you never get credit
But make one mistake, nobody forget it
I agree he was wrong without any doubt
Canceling the charge, letting the boy out
But the way how some of these people criticizing
You will think Solomon shouldn't have human feelings
Just because he in politics he must live he stepson
Like old nobody in a cell to get caned with licks

Some people saying he too old face and outta place
Some of them vex because they hear he slap the Doctor in he face
But I say Pat Solomon is still a damn good politician
He only made a slip, they throw him out with a kick
This place too damn democratic

Plenty people used to criticize the PNM
But the way things turned out is a shock to them
They used to say that the Doctor is a dictator
Some went as far as to call him a traitor
But now they can't be seen even by a blind man
What side of the fence the PNM stand
I'm sure now they all agree:
PNM stands for true democracy

In America a shoe shine boy could be president
Or a millionaire tomorrow and today he ain't got a black cent
For opportunity, America ain't bad
For democracy I like Trinidad
Because the police force get snob
A corporal push a knob
And the minister lost a good job

In most other places it ain't so at all
They'll promote Solomon and kick the corporal
Although democracy is what they go out and teach
You'll never see them practice what you'll hear them preach
But the first thing we gave Solomon was a headline
Opposition, commission and the corporal in he tail, he bound to resign
I really sympathize with he
But I still say he wrong for setting the boy free

Don't mind you:

It is true our nation needs strong men like Solomon
Yeah, but no-one is allowed to take the law in their hand
OK, drop the charge if you see it fit
But it ain't what you do, it's how you do it
Solomon acted like a Lord, trying to spare the rod
And now he die by the sword

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Joy A.

on Capitalism gone Mad

I hope there's a 2020 appearance in NYC! I will definitely get tickets!

Amina Phillip

on Education Is Essential

I love your video and it is a good calypso that Ican makeone about education to

Bokaille Bodlo

on Witch Doctor

Bokaille Bodlo
Who could send me The lyrics of WITCH DOCTOR from Mighty Sparrow.
Thank you.

Bokaille Bodlo

on Witch Doctor

Who could send me The lyrics of WITCH DOCTOR from Mighty Sparrow.
Thank you.

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