The Old Man And The Donkey
Mighty Sparrow Lyrics

Well an old man, a little boy and a donkey
Was in some difficulty
Going Tunapuna from Port of Spain
Where they just complete a bargain
Old and feeble, he decide to ride
And had the little boy walking by he side
When he reach by Success Village
The crowd start shouting, "Advantage!"

Old may, hey you old criminal
Old man, you ain′t got no conscience at all
Get off the jackass
You too damn advantageous
You on top the ass like a king
And the poor little boy walking

Well, the old man ready to please everybody
Right away jump off the donkey
Lift up the boy, put him on the donkey
And he start walking the journey
It made him feel good, although they criticise
He gave up his ride and left them satisfied
When he reach by Morvant junction
They start calling him a stupid old man

Old man, hey you dotish old fool
Old man, like you never went to school?
The little boy young
He should be on the ground
But he on top the ass like a king
And an old man like you walking

Now the old man decide to please everybody
None of them must ride this donkey
So the next thing he do, he make the boy come down
And both of them walking in the sun
Man, they soaking with beads of perspiration
All their ambition is to please everyone
When they reach the Croisee again
The whole of San Juan start to complain

Old man, hey ease the load off your feet
Old man, you have a jackass to ride and beat
Don't hold the tail
And let it lead you, you should be in jail
You behind the ass suffering
And a bareback jackass walking

They made a last try to please everybody
Two of them climb on the donkey
But in Champfleur they met some folks up there
Who found them very unfair
"Ring the police now," somebody say,
"Or the SPCA, don′t let them get away"
The band of mercy make bacchanal
Charge the old man cruelty to dumb animal

Well the moral of the story is plain to see
Please yourself because you can't please everybody
Don't be ashamed
When them newsmongers call your name
Stay on top the ass like a king
They go talk but you still riding

Contributed by Emily I. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:


this calypso has such a deep meaning....the moral of this song is you cant please everyone so please yourself. Many good memories man!!

Bondee Bryan

Sweet memories as a boy.
Cant get enough of this guy. Sparrowwwwww

Amit Singh

Thanks for the music Patrice. I wouldn't know where to find these gems of our culture.

Patrice Yursik

+Amit Singh I need to post more like this! Thanks for the appreciation


That was an Aesop's fable, great adaptation!!

Michael Findlay

Oh gooosh!!! Wonderful, wonderful old Sparrow!


great post and its great to learn from you own people, and even better that you put it up here and taught me something today thanks very much, you be you its always enough

Bondee Bryan

Thanks Pat

Great stuff.

Who is the guitarist on this album? He making the guitar talk.
Probably Joey or Fredy Harris.


Long Live Calypso.. Thanks for your contribution Sister...come check us on

Peter Prince

Sparrowwwwwww lol love this one

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