Wife & Boat
Mighty Sparrow Lyrics

I lost meh boat, brother lose he wife
Tragedy in the family
Now this old woman who could hardly see
Giving me sympathy for he

She told me she heard about it and how she felt so sad
She tell me she was so shocked when she heard the news
"Oh meh boy, I know how you must be feeling sad
Ever you′ll think about the treasure you lose."
Knowing fully well I didn't give a damn ′bout the boat
My reply was blunt, I quote: "Not really!"

She was an old wreck from the beginning
She bottom was totally smashed up
She body was mucked up and scratched up
She wasn't good for anything!

Anytime I get inside her
She uses to make more water
Faster than anyone
It's a great relief now she gone!

Well, by and by she began to cry
Shedding tears like if she in pain
I dried her eyes but when she tried
To rebuke me I start again:

Seven sailors did rent she from me one night by chance
A seaside party they had here in Port of Spain
The fools, and them tried to get inside of she all at once
Not realising that she couldn′t take the strain

When she was returned to me I saw naturally
She just wasn′t good again - naturally!

She had a bad crack and a nasty hole
Inside she was smelling of dead fish
For she didn't wash when she finish
So shamed I couldn′t tell a soul!

You see that night I tried to use she,
She began to leak like crazy
Now it's all said and done,
I′m just glad the nastiness gone!

Last Saturday down in the bay
I didn't know really what′s wrong
Why she get so hot and I didn't know what
Was to do just to cool she down

She was never, never a faithful proposition to me
She drained meh pocket for every penny she get, huh!
And brother,
All who come out to play used to come out and play with she
She's gone but she leaves me shamed and heavy in debt

A damn parasite she was,
I′m glad she finished
Good riddance to the old witch!
So you see...

She was an old junk and a worthless thing
Her figure was totally ugly
Her motions erratic and clumsy
Which was most embarrassing

That is why I let meh brother
Turn she over in front meh neighbor
And dab she bottom with paint...
At this point the old lady faint!

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Comments from YouTube:

val ramsingh

the very best example of top class double entendre

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