Mike Brady, Victory: We need your help!

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by Mike Brady

Raise the flag of piracy, sing the song of victory
Glorious in battle are we
We've never known defeat, we never will retreat.
We live to hear the cannon roar,
And terror is our sempahore
Victoriously loathsome are we,
We rob the rich, the poor; then steal a little more.

Victory: we fight to win
Victory: is ours again
We are the scurge of the land and sea
Beastly pirates are we.

Masters of the briny sea,
We'll go down in history.
Couragous men who live by the sword
We deal in treachery, the kings of lechery.
Raise the anchor, trim the sail
We raid tonight if winds prevail
Invincible we fight to the end
United to a man, we need no battle plan.


It's so pitable a sight, to see them walk the plank
They squirm and cry for mercy regardless of their rank.



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