Mike Oldfield Lyrics
Angelique... Angelique...
Angelique... Angelique...

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Comments from YouTube:

Pedro Ferreira

Nunca é demais
Ouvir esta musica
Brutal 😜👍

Jolyon Welsh

What a truly beautiful piece of music.

David Wootton

I have been listening to Mike since I was a teenager. I have most of his works on Vinyl and CD. This is one of the best. People who create beautiful music and art are truly blessed for leaving the world a better place. Kind regards and greetings from Africa.

George Algeo

Been listening since i was 12..now 53

Steven James

If you repent from your sins and follow Jesus Christ only then are blessed, judging by mike's latest music I feel he's found Jesus, check out "I give myself away" truly a beautiful song and to Jesus Christ. Amen.

Paul Griffiths

I think that Mike oldfieild is probably the greatest musical talent of the rock era, tubular bells I think is still his greatest piece of work but he sure has done some great stuff since too.

Maynard G. Krebs

Couldn't agree with you more. I rediscovered Mike here of late and have been listening to Return to Ommadawn just about non-stop for the last 3 days. Amazing piece of work. He is a HUGE talent. (I am 67)

Mike J. Zimmermann

We are constantly under tension! Let yourself go! Mike Oldfield helps you to enjoy your soul and your senses.

Carlos Pedraza

It seems that says "Mal Camino" ("wrong way" in spanish). XD

Mats Jakobsson

Check out Swedish Bjorn j:son Like. Brusa högre lilla å
-Sing louder little stream. Same mood, fantastic guitar solo the last couple of minutes.

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