Mike Oldfield Lyrics

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

And the earth was without form, and void;
and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

And God said,
Let there be light
and there was light.

And God saw the light,
that it was good...

(Extract spoken by Lunar Module Pilot Wiiliam Anders, from the Apollo 8 crew live television broadcast, made when the first manned mission to the moon entered lunar orbit on Christmas Eve, December 24th, 1968)

Contributed by Joseph B. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Ashley Pilkington

Played at my dads funeral, he always had it on the car radio ❤️❤️

Tom Andre Tidemann

This song is amazing!!!


I have a part of this song for ringtone 15 years


Intergalactic ☄

Shane Knight

Mike absolutely beautifully amezing

Enrico Pasquinelli

Great work, dear Mike!

francesco landini


Micky Maus

Oooh Wahnsinn 👍👍👍🍀🍀🍀😍

Shaedlin Snowwhite

Die Leichtigkeit des Seins....einfach wundervoll. Danke Mike

Ram singh ninama


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