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Concrete Watershed

This whole album is incredible. Been jamming to it since '92.

Guillermo Barrio

The best tune of the album.

pierre sauvage

Completely, totally. One of the best master piece mankind has produced.

Tomasz Kaczówka

Poor number of entries and comments on this song makes me feel sad. How is it possible that such a masterpiece full of emotions and beauty has not gained any larger popularity ? I ve discovered this song in early childhood and after 25 years, I am still being thrilled by this guitar solo in the later part.


poor entries becouse one or too albums was MASTERPIECES and another music of mike was GARBAGE...

Szabolcs Járay

Great music, indeed. Don't feel sad. :)

Claudia Doleisch von Dolsperg

A treasure from my childhood. Thanks to my music teacher Mr. Wehr and thanks to Mike Oldfield. It's a masterpiece.

Personal Account

First time I heard TB2, I was a young Marine, and at the time it resonated with me in all aspects of life. It connected to everything at the time. I’ll never forget 1992.💪🏼🙏🏼👍🏻


5/4 laid over 4/4 that’s why it sounds creepy, it keeps jarring you out of your comfort zone of expectation

Ôkami Kaseijin

And it's blowing my mind, STILL!

That is why i still listen to it.
whenever my head is about to burst: this will blow it all away!
yes! i am copying this message, but it's my own, and apply's still!
sinse this is one of those albums that is a treat from start to finish.

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