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Oliver Grumitt

A brilliant piece of music, captures the atmosphere of danger and imminent catastrophe very well
Indeed. As we know, Dith Pran was one of the lucky survivors of the holocaust in Cambodia, and his story was
One of only a very few to end happily, eventually reuniting with his family in the US and also reuniting
With the journalist whose life he saved from the Khmer Rouge.


Something nasty is out there, something that really hates you and wants to kill you, the eerie music is constantly conveying that sense--you don't actually see the Khmer Rouge but you know very soon where those helicopters landed (LZ Hotel, a soccer field a few hundred yards from the US embassy.) that unseen evil, the raw hatred and fear will be there, throughout the scene the music is a running undercurrent of menace and unsettling atmosphere, these helicopters the last-chance draw to get out which many many people never took, most of whom will be murdered days later and the music conveys all that as Sidney and Pran step back and watch the helicopters ascend and fly away, you can sense the breathless sense of unease and the feeling that something horrible is going to happen and those helicopters are taking rescue and hope away into the sky--you had your chance buddy--you're on your own now. (Operation "Eagle Pull" April 12th 1975 took just 2 hours to complete, by 11:45am the last helicopter lifted and left Phnom Penh as crowds of curious Cambodians stood by and watched, out of the expected 700+ refugees, only 345 took the chance to escape.....)

Carter Smith

the US ambassador was crying on that helicopter...we accepted responsibility for Cambodia

Carter Smith

the Khmer Rouge mortared that soccer field right after extraction...I know people who dealt with the KR....their insanity and evil are difficult to describe

Mark Owen

There were a few others who tried to get out on April 17. One was Long Boret, whose helicopter (UH-1) was parked inside the Olympic Stadium, as well as that of General Sak Sutsakhan. General Sutsakhan made it out just as the KR were bearing down on the stadium. His helicopter took off and made it to Thailand in a hair-raising story of survival. Long Boret was not so lucky, and his life, along with just about all other high-ranking Khmer Republic official (including Commodore Vong Serendy) came to an end.

Jon-Sean Kempson

This music is actually very spooky. There something about it that really sets my nerves on edge.

JFK Miller

Genius, really. Somehow manages to timeless and still very 80s. The chopper blades are up there with Bernard Herman's Psycho shower scene or John Willams' Jaws theme. It's also got an individual industrial, ethereal, creepy feeling. An omen of things to come. And it was.

Martin Mayhew

I'm watching the movie now, it is fantastic that frantic chopper sound build up. Very emotional

Tracey Mills

The movie is really sad

George Dimassimo

rod Stew

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