Incantations Part Four
Mike Oldfield Lyrics

Queen and huntress, chaste and fair
Now the sun is laid to sleep
Seated in thy silver chair
State in wonted manner keep

Earth, let not an envious shade
Dare itself to interpose
Cynthia's shining orb was made
Heav'n to clear when day did close

Lay thy bow of pearl apart
And thy crystal shining quiver
Give unto the flying hart
Space to breathe, how short soever

Hesperus entreats thy light
Goddess excellently bright
Bless us then with wished sight
Thou who makest a day of night

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Comments from YouTube:

Frank Lefebvre

Mike is a genius


Absolutely infeasible masterpiece, thenk you to my father for showing me this..

Ambienfinity Music

This is a masterpiece. I heard Mike perform it live around the time he released the album. He described his initial goal of an album with "real incantations to exert a benign magical influence on anybody who heard it". Mission accomplished, Mike.

Steven Haywood

Ambienfinity Music , that is very fascinating! It is a great work indeed that certainly gripped me a lot when I was 17 and18 when I bought this on record back in 1978.

Marco Rondhuis

An incredibly masterful artist, hugely underrated. Mr Oldfield has made so many beautiful masterpieces that it is hard to pick a favorite. But this one ranks very high in my chart!


...thank you mr. oldfield...

You’ve given peace and closure to so many... even some of whom work on the world’s most pressing difficulties...

Mark Gray

Magical, utterly magical. Actual tears when the during the guitar rif at 8.06

Alex W

Do you mean 9:06? I'm with you on that!

monitor lizard

I love my wife Theresa Ann Marie forever...


My fave part of incantations, though I love it all. This,Hergest Ridge, TB1,and Ommadawn, represent a quadrilogy of music and time that spoke to me and for me.
Finding out about Mike's personal experiences which seemed to find an outlet in the music made me feel I was listening to someone who found life as I did.
I don't think it mars any later work to say there was something different about all that followed.
Still fantastic music,but those 4 albums will always be representative of something sonically and emotionally unique that I regain upon repeat listening.

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