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Muskhil Badi Tu hai Kaha
Muskhil Badi Tu hai Kaha

(Words in Indi, meaning "There is a lot of trouble, where are you?")

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23 years listening this music 🎶 and same #1 always king of guitar 🎸 Didulia to king of Guitar 🎸

Armin Gamer

This was on a Pars khazar commercial in 2002 😭😭😭

Giovanni Malagrinó

Mike Oldefield THE Music Celtic From Ireland


What a beautiful sound....,

Michael Howey

Arqabass so relaxing

Krpa YT

eh fallo del ayer

Michael Almgren Svärd


Aimee Thomson

Dante the jewel here

Aimee Thomson

Glittering memo

Ian Johnson


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