Mount Teidi
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common law

Still one of his best pieces ... even after all this time ... still listen to my "Voyager "CD = Timeless music


This track is one of his most conventional sounding compositions. If done by someone else famous, it would surely have been a hit.

Matthew S

I've been a Mike fan for years and years. Love his instrumental works, and this one is probably one of his most beautiful and haunting pieces. Like "The Songs From Distant Earth" I have heard it probably thousands of times and still love it.

Christian Black

It is haunting! There's something about that guitar part that just about moves me to tears. It's like a combination of reaching a mountain peak and looking out over all the trail and terrain you've conquered, and admiring how beautiful it is, and being mournful because you are separated from someone you love deeply, and you are thinking of all the joyful memories you had with them.


2019 And I never heard about this song before...

Christian Black

@Robert Heilmeier Amen he will

Fuzz Fubin

@bessie1854 what a mess... hope u be healed


It's found on the Five Miles Out Album.

Robert Heilmeier

+iannickCZ You´ll be in for a precious journey discovering his albums, best wishes!

Pablo Masiá


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