Ommadawn Part One
Mike Oldfield Lyrics

Ab ywl ann I dyad awt
En yab na log a toc na awd
Taw may on ommadawn egg kyowl
Ommadawn egg kyowl

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Jonathan King

One of Mike Oldfield's best efforts. I still love it to this day.

Ulli G. aus D.

Ommaddawn is an unique masterpiece, soulful, unearthly and simply timeless!
His best performance for my opinion.


THE best 20 minutes of music EVER made

Piotr Nabzdyk

Thank you Mike for all your Music. It has changed my life for better.

Maria Jose Moreno Guerrero

El ensimismamiento en el milagro de la lluvia. Asistir a la bendición que el océano derrama en las tierras. Su cuerpo de agua y sales.Cómo Gaia repite el entero ciclo y tu alma asiste a compartir todo ello vibrando incansable ante tanta belleza y amor.Gracias Miguel Campoviejo. Gracias Mike Olfield. Nunca te olvidaremos porque formas parte de nosotr@s

Maynard G. Krebs

Mike Oldfield is a genius. Any questions?

Detlef Wittkowski


Aigars Ozols

@Sergio ar 0




Ok ok. I got this..

When did Paddy Malonie first realize that his favorite color was.. {?)

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