Ommadawn Part One
Mike Oldfield Lyrics

Ab ywl ann I dyad awt
En yab na log a toc na awd
Taw may on ommadawn egg kyowl
Ommadawn egg kyowl

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Lew Matic

I think I still prefer this to tubular bells by far

Stellar Wind

It's a subjective opinion. The Ommadawn that you hear won't be the same as the next; different ears, soul.


@Nick Kendell Both Tubular Bells and Ommadawn are really great but I enjoy Ommadawn more.

Nick Kendell

Both excellent, but this is so much better... Definitely one for the desert island.


Many do, it's openly considered his best album.

Andrea T.

Me too.

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Jack Klam

I was 15 when this album was released. Listening to this music in the late 1970s, in my then communist homeland, it was the only time I felt really free. I soared high above all the iron curtains of this world. Magical! I will not exaggerate if I say that this music changed my life. It showed me my true destiny. Thank you Mike!

Ángel Ari

Ommadawn the Best Album from Mike Olfield 🌍🌎🌏

paul richard

With Incantations


Amarok for me

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