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The Spirit Of Radio 99

The Wiggles covered this song as "A Scottish Christmas" on their 2000 album/video "Yule Be Wiggling" and later added words to it on their 2012 album/video "Surfer Jeff", and they titled it as "Would you like to go to Scotland".

Captain Swing

Always remember at the end of the film 'Sweeney 2', the scene in the pub with Jack Regan and the others rat arsed, dancing to this tune. Great scene!

Rachel Watts

pretty sure this is the best song in the world

John Blackmore

This is a good song


Just as sure as we are that it's not a song at all, but what we in civilization call an 'Air' or a 'Tune'. Songs by definition have words!

Dennis L

@Rachel Watts My crew and I will launch at Christchurch southern England come the end of March. The captains club is a nice place to meet.

Rachel Watts

Hahaha! To this tune? Gladly!

Dennis L

Rachel you have impeccable taste, Sail away with me!

philip Le Roux

Five of the best years of my iife spent in Portsmouth. Long to return.

Frank Mageean

The most honest city in England

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