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Isn't it good to know
You only get one go.
Give me a key and let me see.
Try and act normally!

Seems it's an ancient art
To be the one who starts it rolling.
Wouldn't you like to know the way?
Hear what the wise man say.

Sally, I'm just a gorilla.
I'll say I'll love you ever more.
Even an ape from Manila
Couldn't stop me knocking on your door!

One and a-one make two.
Only you must come through.
If there's a way, then let me say,
I'd rather stay with you.

Seems it's an ancient art
To be the one who starts it rolling.
Wouldn't you like to know the way?
Hear what the wise man say.

[Chorus x 2]

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Comments from YouTube:


I don't get it, why they didn't include this on the "DELUXE EDITION" (2013).
It is soooo much cuter, than the redone "Into Wonderland"!
(Pat, Switzerland)

Robin Scott

I like it too because it "fits" better than Into Wonderland. I guess a possible reason it was left off the 2013 Deluxe release was because Mike himself may have vetoed it.

Dill Tasker

Today I was going through the Soho record shops casually checking out the Mike Oldfield LPs, not expecting to find anything special. Guess what I found for only £4. My heart nearly stopped.


Too bad this didn't make the album. It's a hell of a lot better written and much more memorable than "Into Wonderland".


Yes nice segue into Punkadiddle, had forgotten how this worked!

Joaquim Raminhos

The edition I have of "QE2" (on vynil as well) has the title "Molly" on the cover as the last track but nothing on the record, it ends right after "Celt". Just like the edition I have of "Platinum" has the title "Sally" on the cover as track 2 of side B but the song on the record is "Into Wonderland"! By the way, I have seen the "Wonderful Land" video. Cool :)


Oh my god, I've never ever got to hear this before. I only knew of it from someone who had the original version before Branson had a tantrum. I once found it listed on Napster, but it cut out after seven seconds. This is great, thanks...


I still have an early vinyl copy of "Platinum" with this track on it. Sadly, Mike was forced to replace the track with "Into Wonderland" which although it is good does NOT fit in with the tracks before & after it. I have since transferred the vinyl recording to minidisc to preserve its quality. Shame really, Mike should have been left to do the album as he originally intended. Maybe one day this (original) version will re-appear on CD.

Benjamin Pearson

Love this track, you don't need all the technological wizardry with this melodic quality; that guitar solo is from heaven

Noel Pratt

It's a fine song that may have grown on me and seemed part of the album, but I've come to love its substitution as being more organic to the flow.

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