The Source of Secrets
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Muskhil Badi Tu hai Kaha
Muskhil Badi Tu hai Kaha

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Apparently the lyrics translate as 'there is a lot of trouble, where are you?'
Sublime music, thank you Mike Oldfield, now and always 🙏

Неджиола Universe


Giovanni Malagrinó


George Arias

I'm wondering what kind of soul could give a dislike to superior music like this??
Do they prefer Bad Bunny, or Eminem or Daddy Yankee maybe?? I can't believe it.


There could be other reasons.
* People who were looking for a different version of the song.
* People who don't like the title (because it's simply "Secrets")
* People who care about artists, and don't like seeing "pirate" uploads on YouTube. (Not in this case.)
* People who were "mislead" by the cover art.
* Paid people who dislike things on YouTube to channel people to other streamers.
* There are long articles about this, but I'm trying to put in two lines: People who are paid to comment and upvote targeted channels ("Buy 1000 followers and likes for 5$") must visit random videos on YouTube and randomly like/dislike/comment them to cover their tracks and confuse the algorithm that tries to filter out the paid clicks.
* But yeah, there might be just pure hate, or confusion,
My point is, there is no reason to pay attention of the dislikes if you admire something. Just enjoy it.
(Same recommendation for every measuring sites, RT, IMDb, MC, etc.)


Different opinions, and the fact that fans of a certain music might consider it "superior" is not exactly helping ... even when it is ... ^_^
Seriously, i really like a lot of Mike Oldfield's work, but i also like a bunch of things others do not, and i also don't like other things that others do, so i have no problem seeing how people might dislike this.

Then one might wonder "Why do they listen to this if they don't like it?"
The answer may be the Youtube algorithms.
See, merely disliking a video do not "i do not want to hear this", it means "i want to show my dislike for this", and that actually increases the risk that it is suggested to you and put in playlists.
In order to actually decrease the risk of getting suggested things one dislikes, one has to remove the things from suggestions, playlists and such things.
...But far from everyone is aware of that.

George Arias

@Ewgene I have learned that when people don't have the capacity of understanding something they react in one of two ways, they respect it even they're not a fan, or they just decline it wich is what ignorant people always do.


I've noticed a significant amount of dislikes on all of Mike Oldfield's works here on Youtube. I've no idea what fuels this dislike for one of the greatest musicians alive...

constantin kostenczyk in matematica ....altfel ....doar sa gandesti ...👍

SANY 3000

Great continuation.

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